Defending the Patent System from Criticism

BNA reports that Federal Circuit Chief Judge Rader and former Chief Judge Michel defended the patent system from recent criticism in a recent session in Washington, D.C., titled, “Patents and the Public Good,” sponsored by the Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia chapter of the Licensing Executives Society.

Chief Judges Rader and Michel responded to recent attacks on the patent system from the press, Judge Posner, and the Federal Reserve, according to BNA:

Raymond Van Dyke of Van Dyke Law, Washington, D.C., moderated the conference and provided an overview of the “beating in the press and in the court of public opinion” that the patent system has taken recently.

Though the jurists were keen to attack the popular press for misrepresentation of issues, two recent publications that cannot be ascribed to journalists were of particular concern to Van Dyke and the judges….

The two publications that caused consternation were Judge Posner’s “Why There Are Too Many Patents in America,” from the July 12 Atlantic Monthly, and The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis’s September working paper “The Case Against Patents.” Intellectual IP previously covered Judge Posner’s and the St. Louis Fed’s criticisms here, and the New York Time’s criticism here. The Chief Judges’ defense comes on the heels of Director Kappos’s recent defense of the U.S. patent system at the Center for American Progress.

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